Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My DIY King-sized Headboard

I've been having an idea brewing in my mind for some time now.  Yesterday it all came together.  Here's how I made this inexpensive  upholstered headboard (if you follow me on pinterest, you probably knew this was coming).

This is the board, soon to be beautiful.  In case you are wondering, I made mine 31 inches high, and 73 inches long.  It took me some figuring to decide how tall to make it, and I think 31 inches high was a good choice.

There's the bowl I used to trace the circle cut out in the corners.  If only I could tell my later self - I should have used a pizza pan then and there.

I cut out a curve on the top corners to make the "belgrave" style.  You can  check out this link for  types of headboards, to see what would work best for you.

While I used math to find out where to drill the holes for the buttons, Katie drew hearts in the sawdust.

I used some camping mats I got at a yard sale for the foam.  They cost me $1 each.  For the foam at the fabric store it was $34.99 per yard.  No thank you.  I used the glue gun to attach the mats.

Next, I covered it with batting (also $1 from a yard sale).  Pull it taught while you staple it into place.  I work from the middle of the sides, out to the corners.

Then I covered the buttons (with a kit I got at the fabric store) and the headboard with fabric.

I thought I was done!  Then when I woke up I realized that I wanted to make the cut-out in the corners a little bigger. 

I popped out the staples and, with a jigsaw, took out a larger section of the board. I made my own template from a pizza pan this time.

Now, I stapled it all back together.

I hung it on the wall, using D rings directly into studs.

It was a good day.  

Here's the breakdown:
Board- $12
Fabric- $20
Button kit (14 buttons)- $6
Foam/Batting (yard sale finds)- $3
D rings- $3

$44 total- Win!

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  1. Really great instructions. I liked seeing how it came to be, step-by-step. I loved your thriftiness, and sweet Katie's hearts in the dust. :)

  2. Awesome! I need to make one in white or gray. Just haven't decided what color I want, haha.