Monday, November 11, 2013

Dollhouse Premiere

Here is the dollhouse I made (and am still working on).  I started it 8 years ago, finished most of the outside, and then put it away for 7 years.  I was burnt out.  But, alas, I recently became re-obsessed with it, and what you see here is a result of that.  The whole house measures 11.25 inches tall.  I didn't work in any particular common scale, I didn't even realize there were common scales for dollhouses when I started this.  But it is close to 1/4 scale (where 1/4 an inch equals 1 foot in real life).  It's not completely done yet, there is always room to keep adding, and to keep obsessing.

I'm pretty excited about this latch.  I couldn't find anything that I liked at the hardware store, or even online.  So, I fashioned my own.  The hinge part came from a thrift store, I added on the knob, and the part with the chain and fastener.  At times like this, the dremel is your friend.  At almost all other times, you'll have a dremel sitting in a closet, and you'll wonder why you ever bought one.

I love the final result of the latch.  It becomes a little mini adventure in itself, a fun way to open it before you see the inside.

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