Sunday, November 24, 2013

O Christmas Tree!

 Behold the Christmas Tree!

I love going over board with the ornaments.  The way I see it, I wouldn't mind if the entire tree was made out of ornaments, so it's impossible to put too many on.  Ornaments are a GREAT thing to stock up on during yard sale season.  You can find so many, for pennies on the dollar.  I even got my Christmas tree from a yard sale. I wish I had kept track, but I bet I got everything seen here for under $60, and that's including the tree!   I also have some fun ideas for DIY ornaments I'm excited to try out... so stay posted.

In a perfect world, I would have a freshly cut Christmas tree every year.  My tree is pre-lit, I like to add on a couple more strands of lights to give it even more sparkle. 

And there is no rule saying you can only have one Christmas tree.  In my living room alone, I have four.  Here is Christmas tree number 2:

 And here are trees 3 and 4 (on the piano):

Even the doll house is in the Christmas spirit!

 And last, but not least, let's see what crazy antics this guy was up to today:

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  1. I love it all! Beautiful tree (x4) I had to laugh when I saw the elf picture. :)

  2. Yes, stunning is the word I used when I described it to my husband! This is the kind of tree you would see in the pages of a magazine, from the home of a celebrity or someone with great wealth! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! And to think you spent so little on it! You are magical with your talents, Tausha! Thank you for sharing with us!