Monday, November 25, 2013

Monogram Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is in the air at my house.  I love monograms, and these make the perfect addition to our Christmas tree.  

Clark and Katie, this same time last year
 Besides these ornaments being so cute, it was a nice way to include Clark in our Christmas this year.  This would have been his second Christmas, and I'm starting to find out, the holidays make me miss him in a different way.  Also, Katie is starting to learn how to write everyone's names, so I thought she would especially enjoy this as well.  She's my partner in crime when it comes to Christmas decorating.

So here I go, this is how I made these fun ornaments:

I printed out the letters onto card stock.  Traced circles around them and cut them out.

I got the wooden flowers at the dollar store.  I was really looking for circle ones, but this is all they had.  I didn't want them to look like flowers, so I hot glued two of them together to make a scalloped edge.  I'm actually glad they didn't have circles, because the scallop turned out so cute.  The circles I cut out were as big as possible, to help hide the flower shape, and just show the scalloped border.

Now time for the Mod Podge.  I put a layer over the entire top.  Don't mess with it too much, or the ink will smear a bit.  Let that layer dry (I was impatient, and popped them into the oven for a few minuets at a low temp).

I used a plastic cup (cut down to the right size), to trace my circles,
and to mask the letter while I was pouring on the glitter.

Here comes the glitter!  I did the glitter in two applications.  One on the top, and after that dried, I did the sides.  Then I drilled a hole in the top, added a ribbon and bead, and they're ready for the tree.  Beautiful!

I made all 7 of these for $2, the glitter, beads and card stock all came from yard sales. Don't forget to add craft supplies to the list of things you're looking for at yard sales.  I didn't know what I'd be using this glitter for, but it was just perfect for this project.


  1. Tausha, these ornaments look AMAZING! Looks like you bought them - so professional. What a special way to include and remember Clark at this time of year. I'm sure he knows how much he is missed and loved, and he misses and loves in return. That is such a priceless picture of Clark and Katie. <3

  2. Beautiful Tausha!