Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Latest Painting

I like to think painting is my foundation for creativity.  It's what I went to school for, it is where my roots are.  I'm always kicking myself for not painting enough, but slow and steady is good enough for me right now.  This painting came from the need to update my bathroom, one thing led to another, and this painting has certainly found its home on my bathroom wall.

I worked with acrylic on canvas.  I handmade the canvas, starting by cutting the boards for the frame.  I used wood glue and brads on the corners and finishing by stretching the canvas onto the frame, using a staple gun to secure the canvas.  I prefer making my own canvases to store bought ones for several reasons.  They are so much cheaper.  You can customize the size of the canvas and the depth of the sides.  And really, it's just rewarding to create the entire piece of art, canvas and all.  

Acrylic on canvas 36 by 29 inches

Back of Canvas

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