Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Chalkboard Ornaments

Today was a snow day for me.  What better thing to do on a snow day, than make Christmas ornaments, all from things I already have at home?

I started by slicing some pieces of wood from these logs, using my chop saw.  I love the beauty of natural wood.

I found a circle to trace that was just the right size.  I'll use bowls, cups, jars or whatever works for the size.  In this case it was a can of baking powder.

I painted on chalkboard paint.

Rolling on some sea salt and glitter (yes, I use my baking supplies for crafts more than I do for baking (baking is my weakness)).

 After all, it's Christmas time.  Add the extra sparkle while you can!

Too impatient to wait for them to dry.  I popped them into the oven at a low temp to speed up the drying.  After they were dry enough to handle, I cleaned them off, strung them with jute and added a bead.  Now they are ready to become chalkefied .  Katie and Jenna had fun drawing on them with me, what a great project to do with kids.  What's better, when you want something new, just erase and re-draw.  These little ornaments add a lot of charm and are a lot of fun.

No kids, these aren't cookies.  They are crafts.

Here are some more shots, for your viewing pleasure:

Close up of the sparkle.  It will be even more
sparkly as the glue dries overnight.

These aren't just for the tree, I added one to the birdcage.


  1. These are just TOO CUTE!!! How clever you are. your creativity never ends!

  2. I love that your crafts can be made from things that most of us have around the house. And what we don't have can be easily purchased at a craft store. They are not complicated and kids can help if we want them too! I love your blog AND your easy to follow instructions on all of your different ideas. Keep them coming, Tausha! Although I havent done one yet myself, I really want to! :)