Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mini Me Doll House Dolls

Here are three of my lovely children- in their doll house doll forms.  I started working on these while Adam was in the Hospital for chemotherapy.  It was easy for me to get wrapped up in this project, and helped pass the time eaiser (a  three night stay).

For their dolls, I used actual clippings from my girls hair.  We left Adam bald for now.  He'll get some hair when the real Adam gets hair.

Jenna Adam and Katie
Jenna and Katie each helped me in designing their dresses.  Jenna wanted something more simple, Katie wanted all the bells and whistles (of course), and her favorite colors teal and white.

They also picked the hairstyles they wanted.

The dolls are made from polymer clay, paint, paper, lace, thread, hair and resin.

Adam and Katie with their dolls
Shouldn't be much longer until they both get hair!
You can go here to see my tiny doll house food, and here to see more doll house views.

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