Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Book Page Banner

Yesterday I came across this fantastic website, where you can get hundred of fonts to use in Word for free.  It was surprisingly simple to download, and they automatically save under the fonts tab in Word, ready to use.  I went to  You simply click on the font you want, select "download", open the downloaded file and click "install".  Like I said, it only takes seconds, and the new font will be ready and waiting for you to use.

I've already downloaded several, and am having fun playing around with them :

I decided to make a banner, using book pages.  The font I used for this project is called "JFFERRULE".  I used masking tape, to adhere the book page onto a standard piece of paper.  My printer didn't even know the difference, and printed it off without any problems.

Next, I cut, taped and strung the banner.  Super simple.

Now to decide where to hang it, there are so many possibilities.

These would make cute banners with children's names on them, for a birthday party, or any other celebration.  You could also use them as tags on gifts, or for place settings at the dinner table.

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